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Daily Baccarat Arena 365 Tournament at Solaire Casino at Manila

From November 12th to 19th, an exhilarating Baccarat Arena 365 tournament was hosted at the Solaire Casino in the Philippines, drawing an impressive participation of 1,900 players over seven days of intense preliminary rounds and a final showdown. The qualifying rounds were conducted in the Sit&Go mode, consisting of 8 game hands each day. Participants who were pre-invited competed to record the highest tournament chips of the day, earning them a coveted spot in the finals. Additionally, players were offered a one-time opportunity for a Re-Buy in, based on their preference for further participation.

The final battle saw 40 qualifiers from the preliminary rounds, engaging in a high-stakes game of 10 hands. To add to the excitement, each participant was endowed with a special set of bonus cards: one Secret Card allowing unlimited all-in bets, one Pass Card to skip a game hand without betting, and one Scratch Card that tripled the betting amount. The tournament reached a dramatic climax as the ultimate winner, in a stunning last-hand reversal, skillfully utilized both the Secret Card and Scratch Card to clinch victory. This event not only showcased the strategic depths of Baccarat Arena 365 but also highlighted the thrill and drama of high-stakes tournament play.

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